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The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is proud to be an internationally accredited agency through the Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, CALEA, Inc. since 1998.


The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office is one of five internationally accredited Sheriff’s Offices in North Carolina, to include the Durham County Sheriff's Office, Beaufort County Sheriff’s Office, and Hoke County Sheriff's Office.


The CALEA Accreditation process provides law enforcement an opportunity to voluntarily show the public we serve that we have met and maintain an established set of professional standards. The CALEA Accreditation process is a proven management tool. The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office undergoes CALEA on-site assessments every three years in order prove compliance with applicable standards and keep its proofs of compliance up-to-date. We continue to successfully operate in the spirit of those standards. The Sheriff’s Office submits annual reports to the Commission which include a summary of our continued commitment to the accreditation process.


Please visit the CALEA website at


There are many proven benefits of being an accredited agency and they include some of the following:


  • A uniformed set of policies and procedures that clearly define the agency’s authority and responsibilities which strengthens the agency’s accountability to the community it serves.


  • Lowers liability risks, demonstrating that internationally recognized standards have been met and are being maintained by verification from a team of independent CALEA trained assessors.


  • CALEA Accreditation assists in the agency’s pursuit of professional excellence.


CALEA Law Enforcement Accreditation deals with six major law enforcement areas: (1)  role, responsibility, and relationships with other agencies, (2) organization, management, and administration, (3) personnel administration, (4) law enforcement operations, operational support, traffic law administration, (5) detainee and court-related services, (6) auxiliary and technical services.


The Cumberland County Sheriff's Office is also a member of the North Carolina Law Enforcement Accreditation Network, (NCLEAN) which is the state pact on accreditation.  Please visit that website at



Compliance Officer - Jennifer Vinson - (910) 223-3325


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Hours of Operation:  M - F 8:00am till 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432