Property Crimes Investigative Unit
Auto Theft / Financial Crimes

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Investigative Unit is responsible for the investigation of general property crimes, auto theft, and financial crimes which occur in the jurisdiction of Cumberland County.  The Sheriff’s Office Property Crimes Unit also has the responsibility of policing Pawn Shops located throughout Cumberland County. 

The Property Crimes Investigative Unit investigates general property crimes including breaking and/or entering crimes that occur at a home, business or vehicle and larcenies that rise to the level of a felony (over $1,000). The Property Crimes Unit also investigates felony damage to property and has the responsibility of investigating Metal Crimes.  Metals crimes are crimes where metals, most commonly copper and aluminum, are stolen and then sold as scrap metal.

The Sheriff’s Office Financial Crimes Unit is responsible for investigating financial crimes such credit card thefts, identity theft, and all other frauds and forgery that impact the financial status of a person, business or institution. Counterfeit checks, forgery, embezzlement and a wide range of other crimes are also investigated by this unit.

The Sheriff’s Office Auto Theft Unit investigates all auto thefts, to include farm tractors and other mobile heavy equipment that occurs in the jurisdiction of the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office.  The Auto Theft Unit not only investigates the thefts of vehicles, but also the recovery of stolen vehicles within Cumberland County, whether they were stolen in Cumberland County or not.  The Auto Theft Unit also investigates all reports of vehicle “Chop Shops” and Auto Theft Rings and works with other jurisdictions, State Highway Patrol, North Carolina Divisions of Motor Vehicles, Fayetteville Police Department, etc., to complete their  mission.

 Burglary General Statute

 NCGS Chapter 66-11

Financial Crimes Safety  

ID Theft


Supervisor - Lt. Tim Britt – (910) 677-5460

SSgt. Michael Honeycutt – (910) 677 – 5459

Admin Support - Angel Nanney – (910) 677-5455


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Hours of Operation:  M - F 8:00am till 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432