County Wrecker Inspection Section

The Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Wrecker Inspector is responsible for enforcing all rules and regulations set forth by the Cumberland County Board of Commissioners in Chapter VII of Cumberland County Code and Ordinances.  The Wrecker Inspector inspects all rotation wrecker companies used by the Cumberland County Sheriff Office and the State Highway Patrol to insure safety, uniformity of pricing and adherence to all rules and regulations.  The Wrecker Inspector is also responsible for investigating all complaints pertaining to rotation wrecker companies and responding back to the complainant in a timely manner.

Chapter 9 Art IV Wrecker Tow Service Code

Anyone with questions or complaints about the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office or the North Carolina Highway Patrol’s rotation wrecker companies should contact the Cumberland County Sheriff’s Office Wrecker Inspector.

Wrecker Inspector - Sgt. D. Dowless

(910) 849-7151 or (910) 677-5553


* Contact us via  Email.


Hours of Operation:  M - F 8:00am till 5:00pm

After hour emergencies should contact the Watch Commander at (910) 677-5432